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Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore - Singapore Changi Airport

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) is a statutory board under the Ministry of Transport. It represents the government in the negotiation of air services agreements as well as advises on matters related to civil aviation.

Besides ensuring smooth and efficient airport operations, it also regulates and promotes the development of air transport. One of its key roles is to anticipate and deal effectively with the changing needs and demands of the aviation industry. This has aided in the transformation of Singapore Changi Airport into a major global air hub.

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Changi Airport has deployed free internet terminals throughout the terminals for travelers to use free of charge. There are currently about 300 free internet terminals available throughout the airport serving over 500,000 users per month.  

The types of transactions that users perform include email and checking of bank balances and CPF (Central Provident Fund, a government-run pension fund for all Singapore citizens) balances. Quite a surprising number of online transactions at Changi Airport are of a sensitive nature; including Internet Banking transactions and online payment such as PayPal.

Before the deployment of Securite, it would be highly dangerous for travelers to make use of these free terminals for sensitive transactions. This is due to the fact that their private information, like internet banking pin numbers or credit card numbers can easily be retrieved by the next user of the terminal.

Other previously installed antivirus programs were unable to protect the user from having their personal information stolen by the next user of the same terminal.

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“CAAS is a company which prides themselves on being the best in its class internationally. They are one of the few airports around the world which provides travelers with free internet terminals for personal use. Knowing that many travelers would want to use the internet services for private and sensitive transactions, there was a need to secure the terminals in the best possible way and Securite fitted right into the needs of the company.”

Ang Kwang-Tat, MD of ANTlabs

The growth of eCommerce and online banking/investing has fuelled a rapid increase in Internet based criminal activities; focused on stealing consumer identity through different types of crimeware and/or Phishing schemes.

CAAS had to ensure the safety of its travelers’ personal information when they made use of the free internet terminals. Although the terminals already had anti-virus software installed, it still could not stop Phishing, Man-in-the-Middle Attacks, Keylogging, Screen Scrapers, Cross-Site Scripting and other such crimeware.

Solution provided by ANTlabs: Securite is a patent-pending network security software that protects computer users from phishing, crimeware/spyware, keyloggers and hackers from stealing their confidential information and identity during financial transactions like ebanking and internet shopping.

Securite employs the latest in computer, network and security technologies to provide a total solution to ensure that sensitive and confidential end user information is not captured or leaked during a financial transaction.

Simply put, the Securite Security Suite software (Securite) needs to be installed on the client's computer and it is activated upon the internet browser startup. When the user goes to a Securite protected website, Securite verifies the authenticity of the identity of that website for the user. Once verified, Securite will establish a dedicated link to the actual website to prevent hackers from hijacking the information in transit.

During the transaction session with Securite protection enabled, Securite will "lock-down" the machine by preventing other applications and processes to read or access information on the computer including keystrokes, memory and files. The net effect is only to allow those legitimate applications and programs to operate. This will prevent any hidden or background processes like spyware or loggers from stealing user passwords from keystrokes, reading the browser cache or computer memory/file. Valid applications will continue to operate properly during the lock-down. Once the transaction is completed, the lockdown will stop and other applications in the background can continue to run as per normal.

“Before the introduction of Securite, the danger of travelers getting their sensitive information stolen was very real. Securite basically acts as a solution to last mile security. Travelers now can have peace of mind when making use of the internet terminals throughout the airport.”

Teo Wee-Tuck, CTO of ANTlabs

Now, travelers can have peace of mind when using the free internet terminals located throughout the airport. They are able to carry out transactions of any nature without the fear of their sensitive information being stolen from them. Securite is able to offer the protection to last mile security that they need.

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