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2008 Best Deployment Scenario

Regional School District reduces costs and meets all requirements for disaster recovery with the Barracuda Backup Service

Cultivating lifelong learners through educational excellenceLocated in picturesque Northern Dauphin County Pennsylvania the Upper Dauphin Area (UDA) School District is comprised of three learning centers: an elementary school middle school and high school. At the UDA School District caring and dedicated faculty and staff partner with parents and community to provide a comprehensive educational program aimed at empowering all students every day so that their successes growth and unlimited potential are at the forefront of every district decision.

Challenges: Trouble with tape backupsThe UDA School District offers state of the art facilities for its 1200 students and 170 teachers and staff members. The District must have a sound data backup strategy in place to protect its valuable information assets in the event of a system failure or natural disaster while meeting the data retrieval needs of individual users on a daily basis.

The IT team consisting of two individuals manages and maintains the entire network infrastructure and sharply felt the strain from the limitations of their tape backup system. "Our tape backup system continually presented problems for us," said Bryan Campbell technology director. "It took too much overhead to make it work plus I wasn't fully meeting all my requirements for having multiple copies offsite."

With 21 servers and 600 workstations to support Campbell was endlessly involved in handling server application and backup software conflicts investing in new tapes and drives not to mention the cost of maintaining the backup software and time to actually conduct the backups - which failed on a regular basis.

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Best Deployment Scenario - Disaster Recovery

Solution provided by Baracuda Networks, Inc.: Barracuda Backup Service provided the one viable solution. To remedy the situation Campbell began looking at alternative strategies. The UDA School District belongs to the Capital Area Intermediate Unit (CAIU) an education consortium that focuses on optimizing the services and development of its 24 school district members. Since Campbell is a senior technology planner the CAIU sought his evaluation. When he previewed the Barracuda Backup Service he was immediately impressed.

"What we're really concerned about is the data," said Campbell. "We wanted the least painful way to back up the data meet requirements for redundant backup copies in multiple locations provide a log that shows the backup has been completed - or if it hasn't completed where there are errors - and the ability to manage all that across platforms from one interface. Barracuda Networks does everything seamlessly with very little effort from us."

Local appliance allows for fast easy restores. One thing that immediately stood out for Campbell is the fact that the Barracuda Backup Service provides an onsite appliance in addition to a monthly subscription that automatically and securely replicates data to two redundant data centers in separate geographical locations.

"Barracuda is the only one that actually leaves an appliance at your location," Campbell said. "So if I want to use an FTP client like FileZilla to browse a device I can go into the console look at backups in a file structure and be able to bring back versions independently. Even if my Internet connection is down I can still get to specific data quickly and easily."

One incident emerged where a student had accidentally deleted his entire directory. Because the Barracuda Backup Service was in place the restore process was practically effortless. "We were able to get the exact data back very quickly and I knew the integrity of the data was there," Campbell said.

Summary: Scalable service flexible retention policy options meet changing needs. Barracuda Backup Subscription plans provide diverse offsite storage options at affordable monthly fees and scale to meet increasing data requirements. The amount of data that the Barracuda Backup Service can store both locally and offsite is limitless.

"I think of Barracuda as 'Cloud backup computing' or 'software as a backup service',"said Campbell. "I don't have a large investment in equipment and don't need to worry about all the compatibility maintenance and warranty issues associated with our tape backup system. That's a thing of the past. With Barracuda Backup Service if I find I need to back up a lot more data all I have to do is increase my service level."

Unlike competitors the Barracuda Backup Service also allows for an unrestricted number of data retention policies so Campbell has complete flexibility on which data types to backup the number of file versions to store and for how long.

"Not all data is the same," said Campbell. And because I have complete control of how I prune the data I can decide how much money we spend on each data type and adjust it on an ongoing basis if needed."

Innovative de-duplication produces cost and storage savings. The Barracuda Backup Service utilizes advanced de-duplication technology to analyze each file at the bit level and then transfer and store just the new bit sequences over time. This minimizes the unnecessary storage of the same file while providing efficient and secure offsite transfer using compression and encryption.

"Barracuda Backup Service allows me to be precise when retrieving versions of files and also saves on storage space,"he said. "With what I'm doing now with Barracuda it would take 100-plus tapes in my two vaults. At $100 a pop that's $10,000 right there that we don't have to spend. "When people ask me what I'm doing I say 'Barracuda and I love it', continued Campbell.

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