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2008 Best Deployment Scenario

Check Point Centralizes Endpoint Management

Kuwait Petroleum Italia SpA is an affiliate of Kuwait Petroleum International a company responsible for refining and distributing oil products outside Kuwait. Kuwait Petroleum Italia entered the Italian market in 1984 when it took over Gulf Oil's sales network and in 1986 launched its characteristic Q8 brand.

Since then Kuwait Petroleum Italia has grown quickly through acquisitions that have enabled it to compete on the Italian market. Currently after 25 years in Italy Kuwait Petroleum Italia with a staff of approximately 650 employees and 2700 service stations firmly ranks among one of the largest and most important oil companies in the Italian market.

Challenges: Being faced with the implementation of an endpoint protection plan from scratch Kuwait Petroleum needed to support a number of business-critical applications some of them developed in house. Its main goals were to protect the company's endpoints while connecting remote users to the network.As a current customer of Check Point firewall solutions and perimeter security; endpoints had previously been considered outside of the company's integrated security strategies. With this in mind when remote users wanted to connect to the Kuwait Petroleum network they did so with the "Secure Access" component of the Check Point Endpoint Security solution. This type of access was also guaranteed using the Check Point Connectra gateway or the Check Point SSL Network Extender.

In 2007 the company embarked on a plan to protect the company's endpoints under the umbrella of its integrated security strategies. To accomplish this plan Kuwait Petroleum Italia launched a series of test projects over the course of a couple of months. The first test project led to the implementation of the Check Point Endpoint Security solution on a limited number of remote devices. After a subsequent testing phase (during which technicians checked functionality of a number of custom applications) the solution was extended to a larger pool of users.

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Best Deployment Scenario - Endpoint Security Solution


Solution provided by Check Point Software: After tests were completed successfully Kuwait Petroleum Italia officials decided to deploy Check Point Endpoint Security on all endpoints. Desktops were also included in the deployment for a total of approximately 1000 employees in Italy. The entire project was completed in less than a year. Three months were needed for the initial policy outline and for a preliminary check of functionalities.

The deployment phase also took three months - during this time applications were tested on custom-made in-house applications. Large-scale implementation required approximately four additional months. The Check Point team monitored the final phase of the deployment. During the course of the project Kuwait Petroleum Italia officials also decided to replace the existing endpoint antivirus system with Check Point's corresponding solution. In particular the large use of customized applications carried out by Kuwait Petroleum Italia required a strong personalization of Check Point security features enabled by the implementation of the Program Advisor module and the joint team's work.

Check Point skilled technical staff was therefore able to fully integrate these customized applications into Kuwait Petroleum's security policy with no performance issues. Moreover since Check Point Endpoint Security includes an integrated VPN client Kuwait Petroleum Italia now enjoys simplified management and tighter overall control of VPN access.

Summary: In addition to complete and transparent protection of the endpoints Kuwait Petroleum Italia learned that powerful centralized management capabilities enabled efficient creation and distribution of corporate security policies. The consolidation of services contributed to economic savings and simplifying security management generated significant Return on Investment (ROI). Kuwait Petroleum Italia officials have also reported a drastic reduction in calls to the help desk regarding problems with other technology.

The increased security has not required any additional professional development and end users have not had to change their work habits. Security processes have been automated and made absolutely transparent; as a result users enjoy increased stability of their devices and higher levels of productivity across the board.

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