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2008 Best Deployment Scenario

Entrust Technology Securing Philadelphia Insurance Offices Across the United States

In operation since 1962 Philadelphia Insurance designs markets and underwrites commercial property/casualty and professional liability insurance products incorporating value-added coverages and services for select industries. The organization has 47 offices strategically located across the United States to provide superior service.

Challenges: With the rapid rise of online identity-related fraud and the ever-increasing sophisticated online identity attacks Philadelphia Insurance was faced with the task of securing 47 of its offices across the U.S. with cost-effective security solutions for protecting internal assets and users.

As a result Philadelphia Insurance decided to implement a comprehensive security solution to help their employees agents and customers feel more confident when accessing services and performing transactions online. "Trust and confidence - for our customers for employees for our partners - is paramount to us," said Philadelphia Insurance CISO Vas Rajan. "We understand the current security landscape and want to face that challenge head-on with a comprehensive full-featured platform of products. Not only are Entrust's solutions more cost-effective than other vendors but their reputation as a trusted security leader only confirmed our decision."

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Solution provided: Entrust provided Entrust IdentityGuard for the strong authentication of Philadelphia Insurances employees agents and customers; Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates; Managed Services Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) as a hosted solution for protecting internal assets and devices; and the Entrust Entelligence Messaging Server for secure messaging and encrypted e-statement delivery.

Entrust IdentityGuard provides affordable flexible authentication options including strong username and password IP-geolocation device questions and answers out-of-band one-time passcode (delivered via voice SMS or e-mail) grid cards and a range of one-time password tokens. Using Entrust's managed PKI service Philadelphia Insurance can leverage digital certificates for strong authentication digital signatures and encryption purposes for secure e-mail file and folder encryption authenticated remote access (VPN) and secure electronic forms and PDFs.Entrust EV SSL certificates allow end-users to make smarter trust decisions including the ability to verify the identity of the owner of an EV certificate-protected Web site. Sites that have implemented EV SSL certificates will display a green address bar and information about the company operating the site as well as the CA that issued the certificate will be prominently displayed.

Entrust Entelligence Messaging Server enables Philadelphia Insurance to offer customers encrypted e-statement delivery with the confidence that information will be secure. From payroll statements invoices 401K and insurance claims e-statements represent the electronic form of today's most important sensitive documents.

Summary: "Philadelphia Insurance is a prime example of a proactive organization implementing a layered security approach that will help reduce their costs manage risk and evolve as their needs change," said Entrust President and CEO Bill Conner. "Entrust will be much more than a vendor; rather a trusted valued partner that will add unparalleled consultation and professional services."

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