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2008 Best Deployment Scenario

ExaGrid's disk-based backup solution saves Gardner Trucking an estimated 200K 24 hours after installation

Based in Chino California Gardner Trucking operates a growing fleet of trucks throughout 11 western states with more than 1100 trucks and 1900 trailers on the road at any given time. Offering a full range of services from line haul to full-service logistical solutions Gardner Trucking operates 42 dedicated trucking fleets on-site at various customer locations.

Challenges: Gardner Trucking relies heavily on its IT infrastructure to manage its business data and the data associated with its mobile workforce. The company's backup requirements had grown quickly and backing up to tape was seriously impacting productivity not to mention the problems the company faced with unreliable incomplete tape backups.

Additionally the IT staff at Garner struggled with data restores from tape which was a time and labor intensive process for each file needed. Gardner Trucking quickly realized it needed to explore installing a new cost-effective data backup and recovery solution to better support its continuous business growth and mobile workforce.

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Solution provided by ExaGrid Systems: After enduring months of problems with tape backups the IT staff at Gardner Trucking led by CIO Gary Larson researched and considered several different backup approaches. Ultimately the team chose ExaGrid's disk-based backup system with data deduplication to work in conjunction with its existing backup application Symantec's Backup Exec. They chose the ExaGrid system based on its unique approach to data deduplication and its scalability which provided much needed flexibility to accommodate the company's growth.

Price was a major factor influencing the Gardner's IT team decision making and the ExaGrid system offered a competitive price with significantly better performance than other disk-based backup solutions. As with any purchase research played a crucial role in the company's decision and after careful consideration the team found that ExaGrid's data deduplication technology allowed for the purchase and use of less disk space which saved Gardner approximately 25 percent versus the cost of competitive solutions.Coincidentally Gardner Trucking made the switch from tape-based backup to disk-based backup with data deduplication just two days before a database crash. With the new backup system in place which was up and running in 25 minutes Gardner avoided a major data disaster and an estimated $200000 loss in productivity.

Summary: With ExaGrid the speed of Gardner's backups has increased dramatically. The team is now able to complete full backups in less than two hours instead of the more than 13 hours it took with tape which frees up the IT staff for other more strategic projects. And Gardner has put the ExaGrid system to the test. Just days after implementing it the team experienced a major database loss. With ExaGrid's speed and fast restores in that critical situation Gardner now has confidence that they can recover quickly from any data disaster. The IT team knows their files are backed up completely every night. This provides invaluable business continuity for Gardner Trucking.

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