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2008 Best Deployment Scenario

Level 3 Builds Low-Latency Network Between Key U.S. Financial Centers

The solution is deployed on the Level 3 Communications network and is then leased to our financial trading firm customers.

Challenges: For years trading firms have invested resources in reducing the latency in their electronic trading software platforms. When processing trades amongst different geographic locations the latency of the transport layer becomes a critical component. Thus Level 3 utilized its assets to create an optimized transport route connecting the major financial tradings centers in NY Chicago and DC.

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Best Deployment Scenario - Optimization Solution


Solution provided: Level 3 has completed the deployment of two key low-latency fiber-optic network routes between New York and Chicago and another between Chicago and Washington D.C. By leveraging existing fiber assets Level 3 deployed these new routes using the shortest-path routes and advanced electronics to enable high-speed transaction rates with very low transmission delays - specifically for financial exchanges and other trading venues.

The new routes offer aggregate bandwidth of multiple 40 Gbps connections to accommodate growing traffic volume generated by hedge funds investment brokers financial exchanges and other market participants. Level 3 has more than 80 Gbps of live financial trading traffic being carrier over just the routes. In addition to the new routes Level 3 has also collaborated with financial services customers to design custom low-latency network services to select trading venues throughout North America and Europe - offering direct connections to financial exchanges electronic communications networks and market data centers.

Summary: By connecting these trading venues Level 3 reduces network hops and improves routing efficiency to minimize latency for its customers. The on-net connectivity to the Level 3 network allows financial customers greater flexibility to scale bandwidth as their trading volumes increase.

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