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2008 Best Deployment Scenario

Vendor helps client reduce waste amd improve productivity and traceability

Jagemann Stamping Company is a full-service stamping company recognized worldwide as a leading manufacturer of deep-drawn metal stampings. From innovative product development to creative tool design and unique manufacturing solutions Jagemann Stamping Company has proven time and again that its integrated approach to manufacturing works. Coupling the latest in technology with the best people housed in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility allows Jagemann Stamping Company to provide its customers with products and service that consistently exceed expectations. The company is privately held and was founded in 1946. As of the end of 2008 it had 174 employees.

Challenges: Like many companies in the automotive industry Jagemann Stamping Company (JSC) needed a lower TCO information system to reduce its costs and react to market changes more quickly all while increasing quality and traceability. Jagemann was using dissimilar systems on different platforms spending significant time applying various patches updates and upgrades and inefficiently creating independent specific programs or reports. Dissatisfactions with the current system included a lack of integration missing modules inaccessibility reliance on professional developers for information old green screen character-based screens and inflexibility with systems changes.

Information lived in functional silos which occasionally deposited information in shared locations. JSC researched upgrading current systems but found that upgrading the current system really would not resolve the problems encountered with the systems.The primary goals of implementing a new ERP system were to have an operational impact on the company by improving productivity and to increase margins by reducing waste. Additional benefits included real-time data integrated cross-module traceability and GUI interface. The company has been able to reallocate headcount to increase value to the company. Finally all processes were reviewed during the implementation and where employees saw waste they used industry best practices and Plex capabilities to remove it.

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Solution provided: The system chosen Plex Online is a fully integrated Software as a Service (SaaS) offering that is both a replacement and enhancement to Jagemann's previous collection of systems. Previous systems used did not natively communicate with one another - JSC used a common language Data Warehouse to duplicate data periodically and related data from different systems. The information in this Data Warehouse came from systems ranging from an ERP system running on an IBM iSeries to press control systems connected serially to Wintel servers. Also the current systems did not have a manufacturing-integrated quality module any native quality traceability limiting its ability to have meaningful quality information. Plex had the modules the company needed running on their servers requiring only an Internet connection and inexpensive personal computers.Innovative methods of implementation allowed Jagemann Stamping to implement this software in less than six months with no late customer deliveries or manufacturing orders. Now Jagemann Stamping is reaping the benefits of a fully integrated completely accessible system with built-in disaster recovery real-time information and user-driven data flexibility.

Summary: The Plex Implementation has helped Jagemann Stamping increase effectiveness through modules such as traceability and attachments. Using these modules has eliminated many manual processes.The Plex integrated traceability function allows for significant time savings. Jagemann Stamping purchases rolled metal in master coils has them slit to width and then stamped into finished goods parts. A number of its customers require the company to be able to trace a finished goods product back to the master coil from which it came so it can produce the quality certifications from that master coil. With JSC's old software this took three different systems and significant wait time. Plex Online handles traceability throughout the entire system so what previously took three systems and at least 30 minutes of work now can be handled in a few mouse clicks. Finding all jobs with the same originating master coil would have taken hours worth of work using JSC's old software - again with Plex Online in only a few clicks the traceability tree is available.Plex Online also handles job- or part-specific instructions attached directly to the part and it allows cross-shift communication using electronic bulletin boards on a work center or part level. These options allow JSC's Quality or Engineering departments to set standards on a part level and immediately communicate them to the manufacturing floor by simply attaching them to the part information or scheduled job. Also the press technicians have the ability to leave bulletins for one another regarding press performance or part issues leaving a clear trail of communication. In the past these issues were handled by the "tennis shoe network" - someone wrote the documentation printed it out put on their tennis shoes and walked copies around the building. The Plex Online implementation also allowed JSC to reduce or reallocate staff to add more value to Jagemann Stamping.Using the SaaS model with a fully integrated system

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