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2008 Best Deployment Scenario

Virtual Call Center Provider Helps Keep Jobs in the US by Deploying a Virtual Desktop Solution to Remote Employees

Headquartered in Centennial CO Cloud 10 Corporation a stand-alone subsidiary of Transcom Worldwide utilizes at-home call center professionals coupled with leading edge technology and one of the industry's most experienced management teams to provide market leading contact center solutions. Cloud 10 services all industries and verticals including banking/financial technology and telecom.

Challenges: Cloud 10 utilizes three data centers ? one in the Denver area and two located in Canada. The company also utilizes VoIP softphones from Avaya Citrix Terminal Servers and Cisco VPN services to support 1000+ remote workers/virtual agents. Prior to the upgrade Cloud10 had deployed a thin-terminal solution to keep agents as virtual and as thin as possible but the company had begun to experience constraints due to the high cost of deploying multiple solutions and still meeting industry requirements that included Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

In addition Cloud 10 was also looking for a way to further streamline applications delivery to the agents that was 100 percent manageable from Cloud 10's corporate headquarters. They had tried many other well-known solutions but found they were still too fat and required Cloud 10 to host solutions outside of their network environment and to utilize additional hardware. The company also needed to segregate environments without dumb terminals and the PCI requirement limited some of what could be performed in a typical at-home computing environment. In summary the upgrade solution needed to comply with PCI standards while providing a toolset that could be deployed to at-home agents.

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Best Deployment Scenario - Desktop Virtualization Solution


Solution provided: vDesk is a high-performance enterprise workspace virtualization engine that delivers employees contractors and customers anytime anywhere access to a personalized desktop environment containing applications data and settings. vDesk solves the costly problems of desktop management & support increases user productivity & mobility disaster recovery & business continuity and enabling temporary workers & contractors in the Enterprise environment. vDesk delivers personalization of applications data & user settings and decouples the desktop environment from the host OS. It also performs much more efficiently with less computing resources (less than 1% of overhead) which significantly drive down capital costs. Unlike hardware virtualization approaches there is no 2nd/guest operating system needed which means no requirement for additional Windows licensing costs and additional management complexity.

Cloud 10 selected RingCube's vDesk on the PC delivery mechanism where the vDesk master workspace image is stored and managed in the Cloud 10 data center. Each vDesk workspace instance is then provisioned remotely to the end users over the network and any policy changes application updates or deletion/revocation are managed and controlled centrally. Through the vDesk network delivery platform Cloud 10's at-home professional log onto the Cloud 10 network and interface with tools delivered within the vDesk workspace. - This new infrastructure makes Cloud 10 thinner more robust and eliminates the need to deploy any hardware to agents while giving us centralized control. - Any changes or updates that need to be made can be done at the central administration server in the data center and pushed out to the agents with no interaction on their behalf other than logging in. - vDesk is transparent to Cloud 10's agents which gives them the highest level of security and our client's peace of mind. - vDesk also affords Cloud 10 a way to manage the logic of the agent's desktop withou

Summary: Central Management: vDesk has given Cloud 10's IT department the ability to lockdown and secure the desktop environment for virtual agents and ensure desktop security measures are in place. The virtual agent's computer hardware is their own physical asset that is not owned by Cloud 10 but once they become employed by Cloud 10 and the company deploys the tools required for them to support their client's customers Cloud 10 needed the agent's environment to be certified segregated from the host applications and securely locked down. vDesk is now a part of that certification process.Transparency: vDesk is transparency to the virtual agents which gives them the highest level of security and Cloud 10's client's peace of mind. vDesk also allows Cloud 10 to manage the logic of the agent's desktop without obtrusive applications that would require agents to download configure and manage themselves.Cost Savings: vDesk has helped Cloud 10 to achieve a 7-to-1 cost savings over their previous thin-client / server-base computing approach.

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