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Solutionary Helps Cut Costs and Streamline Compliance for Data Provider

Infogroup is a Nebraska-based provider of data driven and interactive resources for targeted sales marketing and research solutions. The $558 million company consists of industry-leading market research companies database companies sales and marketing companies and list brokerage and list management companies.The company's diversity and scope provides a significant edge over the competition enabling them to effectively service the needs of businesses - from Fortune 1000 companies and government entities to small and medium businesses - providing them with critical market and consumer data. In fact Infogroup services 85% of Fortune 100 Companies.

Challenges: Infogroup's diversity while offering a competitive edge presents a number of security challenges. Further complicating things Infogroup also works closely with sensitive consumer business and market data and therefore faces a wide variety of federal regulations (including HIPAA Sarbanes-Oxley and PCI) public audit requirements and contractual agreements. As a result Infogroup must not only meet the security expectations of its customers and prospects but also that of the people and businesses included in their databases. Past security breaches and attacks on other players in the industry further highlighted the need for an increased security program - and the level of expectations and concern of customers regulatory bodies and the general public.The company needed a security partner that could offer a diverse collection of services that could assist Infogroup with monitoring security on a large and complex worldwide network providing consulting assistance for PCI-DSS compliance protecting the gates of critical applications with an application firewall service and monitoring and storing logs from over 2000 servers and devices.

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Security Solution for Enterprise (Medium)

Solution provided by Solutionary: When Solutionary began its work with Infogroup the project began with just log monitoring. After a successful implementation of these services Infogroup wanted to expand the project and grow its partnership with Solutionary. The expanded security program was heavily driven by Infogroup's business requirements as well as compliance needs. Solutionary's approach to meeting Infogroup's needs is two-fold. First securing the company's data and information to protect not only their business but also the people and businesses included in the databases. Second ensuring Infogroup is compliant to the wide variety of regulations across vertical markets and geographies it works in including Sarbanes-Oxley for the financial industry HIPAA in the healthcare space PCI and state privacy legislation. Solutionary provided a customized package of services and solutions to meet Infogroup's unique needs and challenges. This customization and service flexibility combined with Solutionary's ability to monitor more devices than its competitors enabled the company to deliver to Infogroup a targeted and scalable security package that would meet their immediate needs - and be able to grow and change to meet future demands. Also by including only what was right and relevant for Infogroup's needs the solution was more cost effective than force fitting a stock product package.Solutionary provides a wide variety of services to Infogroup to meet its multifaceted needs. Services include:-Daily log monitoring -Log management-Application management-Device management including Web Application Firewall (WAF) -Assessments-Compliance services including management and monitoring for PCI Sarbanes-Oxley HIPAA etc.-SIEM monitoring and management-Vulnerability managementThe Solutionary team's flexibility has continued throughout the life of the project and has been an asset when approaching the many systems and endpoints involved in Infogroup's infrastructure including mainframes midra

Summary: Through Infogroup's work with Solutionary the company has seen a number of benefits. First by being able to leverage Solutionary's extensive resources (including products services and people) Infogroup needs fewer internal resources dedicated to security. Similarly they no longer need a 24 x 7 in-house team to monitor their network as they leverage Solutionary's team. By saving these resources the company also saw a significant cost reduction. Offering further cost savings Solutionary capitalized on Infogroup's investment in a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) product. As a vendor-agnostic company Solutionary was able to work with this existing technology and lay its services on top maximizing Infogroup's ROI for the SIEM purchase. Finally Infogroup is able to quickly obtain extensive data and real time network visibility to meet their various business needs. Solutionary is able to offer as much (or as little) information about any aspect of Infogroup's security environment and network depending on the situation. For example a compliance audit will need more data than a high-level report for shareholder and board meetings. As a result Infogroup is also always ready for a compliance audit and can quickly pull required information thus streamlining the process.

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