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Aki Eldar: The reality is that security teams are fundamentally reactive

Secure Islands Technologies develops and markets advanced and innovative Information Protection and Control (IPC) solutions, incorporating intelligent and patent-pending data-centric security technology. It's flagship solution, IQProtector™, is a comprehensive, policy-driven classification and protection solution. IQProtector enables Data Immunization, a process that uniquely embeds protection within information itself at the moment of creation or initial organizational access. The process is automatic and immediate, and the protection persistent – accompanying sensitive information throughout its lifecycle from creation, through usage and collaboration to storage.

Info Security PG: Has security become a moving target for most companies? What is it that companies are most ill prepared to handle?

Aki Eldar: Absolutely, and it will continue to be, as organizations continue to deploy new technologies, new security issues arise. However, the reality is that security teams are fundamentally reactive, running around trying to seal off holes and leaks in their networks. If corporate data is the target for cyber criminals, then that is the asset that needs to be protected, preemptively. While it might be difficult to track down data already in motion, it is possible to locate the key sources where sensitive and/or confidential data is generated and then using an accurate classification model – and then applying the appropriate protection (encryption) and usage rights to corporate data. Until the data itself is protected, companies will remain ill equipped to deal with breaches and other forms of data theft and loss.

Info Security PG: Tell us something about your company (i.e. the industry in which it operates, size, is it local, regional or worldwide)?

Aki Eldar: My brother, Yuval Eldar and myself founded Secure Islands eight years ago. Yuval came up with the idea for what is now our IQProtector Suite after an incident occurred at his previous job that really drove home the realization that the best way to protect data is to protect the data itself, instead of the pipes (or air) it is traveling over. We literally built the company one customer at a time. We work with very large enterprises that have mind numbing amounts of data, and have helped them devise and implement an enterprise wide data protection strategy. One of our customers, Credit Suisse, was so impressed with our product that they chose to invest in us, and we are using that investment to repeat in the U.S. the success we have already enjoyed in EMEA. We’re just over 60 people, with offices in the US, Switzerland, UK and Germany. Our R&D is in Israel. We have a growing number of customers – all Global 2000 companies, and our main verticals are finance, energy, manufacturing, telecom and pharma.

Info Security PG: Learning from recent data breaches what can most companies do to protect themselves to avoid being the next victim of a data breach?

Aki Eldar: Well, of course I am biased, but the short answer to that is to protect the data! However, before you can do that, you first need to understand what type of data is important for you keep safe. Then you need to map where that data is being created, stored and where it is sent (within and outside of the organization). The next step is to devise a plan to protect the data – and start with what’s most important (you can’t do everything overnight!). Our approach is called Data Immunization. It’s a policy driven approach that enables organizations to ‘immunize’ data at the point of creation with protection that persists for the life of the data. That way, the threat of data theft becomes irrelevant Remember that any network can and will be breached. So the sooner you protect the data, the better!

Company: Secure Islands
Secure Islands 79 Madison Avenue, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10016 USA

Founded in: 2006
CEO: Aki Eldar
Public or Private: Private
Head Office in Country: Israel and United States
Products and Services: Secure Islands IQProtector™ is a powerful Information Protection and Control (IPC) solution. Incorporating intelligent, patented and patent-pending data-centric security technology IQProtector provides comprehensive, policy-driven classification and protection to unstructured data. IQProtector Data Immunization includes three logical stages: Interception: Interceptors throughout the organization catch data as it is created or enters the organization, and submit it for Classification. Classification: The data is intelligently analyzed by multiple configurable criteria including content, usage, data type, user, and source, and tagged according to a configurable policy. Protection: According to policy, IQProtector protects the data by embedding in it encryption and usage rights, and determines whether to allow access to the data or not.
Company’s Goals: To mirror the success we have experienced in EMEA in North America, while providing existing and new customers with unparalleled technology, service and support.
Key Words Related to your Company: Information Control, Data Security, Data Protection.