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Aviv Raff: What CSOs need to know to protect their enterprises against malware

Seculert’s solution helps protect organizations from advanced threats throughout their entire extended organization. With proven cloud technology that requires no software or hardware installation, Seculert identifies threats both inside and outside the firewall. Companies worldwide use Seculert so they can identify more known and unknown threats while also enhancing the effectiveness of their existing IT security systems. Founded in 2010 by security industry veterans, Seculert has offices in the United States, EMEA and Israel. For more information, visit

Info Security PG: How have malware attacks evolved over the years?Why is malware so difficult to detect today in enterprise networks?

Aviv Raff: In the past, malware was used with an opportunistic approach, trying to infect as many devices as possible in order to gain financial benefits. Today, we see more and more attackers use malware as part of targeted campaigns, usually for financial gain or political motivation. The targeted and persistent nature of those targeted campaigns make today’s malware much more difficult to detect on enterprise networks without using an appropriate security solution.

Info Security PG: What are the drawbacks of existing malware protection techniques?

Aviv Raff: Due to the fact that advanced threats are quiet, highly distributed and constantly morphing, it is impossible to defeat them with an on-premises solution. These advanced threats demand a new class of defenses.

Info Security PG: What security prediction would you make for the next 12 months? Why?

Aviv Raff: We will see more breaches and targeted attacks being publicly disclosed. This does not mean that there will be more targeted attacks out there. The attacks are already there, staying under the radar for months or even years. As more and more enterprises implement solutions that are able to detect such advanced threats, we will either see some of those enterprise coming forward or governments and law enforcements sharing this kind of information with the public.

Info Security PG: What advice would you give CSOs on protecting their enterprise networks against malware attacks and other advanced threats?

Aviv Raff: Because Advanced Threats are designed to morph and stay quiet in order for them to send out data from your network to the bad guys, companies need a solution that will find both known and unknown advanced threats and that covers all users, all sites and all devices.

To keep costs down and to avoid additional manpower the solution should be easily integrated to existing workflows, processes and security devices. Naturally everything should be automatic and run 24x7.

Company: Seculert
6 Efal Street, Petach Tikva, 63582, Israel

Founded in: 2010
CEO: Dudi Matot
Public or Private: Private
Head Office in Country: Israel
Products: Cloud-based malware presence detection solution
Company’s Goals: Protect enterprises against a growing range of advanced persistent threats (APTs)
Key Words: Cyber-security, malware protection, APT protection