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Eliminating security risks of using remote desktop solutions

Splashtop is the leader in cross-screen productivity and collaboration experience, bridging smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs, and cloud. Today, over 12 million users enjoy the convenience of Splashtop Remote Desktop; Splashtop is named as Apple AppStore’s Top 25 Best Selling iPad Apps of All-Time. Capitalizing on the BYOD / CYOD trends, Splashtop for Business is a secure, high-performance remote desktop solution designed to mobilize workforces in minutes, with full compliance to company IT policies. Splashtop has over 190 employees around the world.

Info Security PG: What are the new challenges organizations face as BYOD becomes more common?

Mark Lee: The key challenge is around how to securely deliver applications and data to your mobile workforce. iOS, Android, Blackberry, and even WinPhone face many application and data compatibility and security issues. Many traditional apps are all Windows based, and it’s cost prohibitive or sometimes simply impossible to re-write these apps for mobile devices. Companies are looking for ways to bring the long tail of business apps and data securely to mobile devices to empower employees and maximize productivity.

Info Security PG: What common mistakes do most enterprises and SMBs make when using remote desktop solutions? What are the associated security risks they're opening themselves up to?

Mark Lee: Traditional remote desktop solutions like Citrix GotoMyPC and LogMeIn rely on their public clouds to authenticate and connect users across networks. If their clouds were compromised, corporate desktops could be exposed. There is no centralized IT control over user activities and accounts via Active Directory, which also presents huge inefficiencies and vulnerabilities. Consequently, maintaining full centralized control behind the firewall is crucial for securing company data.

Info Security PG: How can one eliminate the security risks of using a remote desktop solution?

Mark Lee: Splashtop for Business is the only remote desktop solution today that offers an on-premise software appliance option (known as Splashtop Center) where the user authentication and policy control are tied to the corporate Active Directory. IT can easily add or delete users with Active Directory. All traffic can be configured to route through the corporate private cloud so there is no data leakage concern. IT has a full audit trail of user access, with all historical data residing inside corporate firewall, meeting compliance requirements. On top of all these measures, all user sessions are fully encrypted for added security.

Furthermore, Splashtop also partners with Good Technology, MobileIron, Symantec, and other MDM / MAM solutions, so businesses that are adopting MDM / MAM solutions can easily deploy and manage Splashtop.

Info Security PG: Why are 60 percent of Fortune 500 companies deploying Splashtop and what differentiates it from other remote desktop solutions (including legacy VPN, VDI and RDP solutions)?

Mark Lee: Over 12 million mobile users rely on Splashtop today for secure remote desktop access to the long tail of apps and data that only run on their PCs, and many of these users are beginning to bring Splashtop inside their companies. This is the power of BYOD or BYOA (Bring Your Own App). Users want to use Splashtop because it delivers the highest performance, reliability, and security in comparison to traditional remote desktop solutions. Many users and IT professionals have experienced tremendous frustration with mobile VPN compatibility, and performance of traditional RDP & VDI over WAN. Splashtop is designed from day one to optimize for mobile device performance and security over WAN. Users enjoy enhanced productivity, and Splashtop has proven to be the fastest, simplest way to mobilize corporate legacy apps and vertical apps.

Company: Splashtop Inc
1054 S De Anza Blvd., Suite 200, San Jose, CA 95129 U.S.A.

Founded in: 2006
CEO: Mark Lee
Public or Private: Private
Head Office in Country: United States
Products: Splashtop for Business
Company's Goals: Mobilize Your Workforce - Apps & Data anytime, anywhere