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Shridhar Mittal: As mobile devices become more prevalent in the workplace, companies need to make sure their employees’ devices are fully protected

Zimperium offers enterprise class protection for mobile devices against the next generation of advanced mobile attacks. Zimperium is the first company to provide a complete mobile security system that continuously runs on the device to provide visibility, security and management for iOS and Android devices. With its non-intrusive approach, users can be confident that their data and their privacy are protected at all times, both on and off the corporate network. Finally, a mobile security system that solves the unique challenges of securing a mobile device without draining the battery or relying on an Internet connection.

Info Security PG: Has security become a moving target for most companies? What is it that companies are most ill prepared to handle?

Shridhar Mittal: Yes, mobile vulnerabilities in particular are a moving target for most companies, often doing damage to an enterprise before they have even been discovered or classified. Mobile devices are specifically subject to unique threats due to their size, always-on wireless connections, physical sensors (e.g. accelerometer, camera, microphone) and location services (e.g. GPS). Mobile attacks are often intangible and invisible without detection, but the destruction they cause is very real. Enterprises must be able to defend against known and unknown threats to mobile devices since digital business happens on mobile devices.

As mobile devices become more prevalent in the workplace, companies need to make sure their employees’ devices are fully protected. Zimperium’s Mobile Threat Protection protects against the broadest array of network, device and application attacks on mobile devices. By analyzing slight deviations to a mobile device’s operating system’s statistics, memory, CPU and other system parameters, Zimperium accurately identifies not only the specific type of malicious attack, but also provides detailed forensics associated with the who, what, where, when, and how of an attack.

Info Security PG: Tell us about your Global Excellence Awards win. What new or upgraded product or service has your company recently introduced to the market?

Shridhar Mittal: We are honored to have won the Global Excellence Award for the Awesome Product or Service of the Year for our Mobile Threat Protection with zIPS -- the world’s first mobile intrusion prevention system app that provides comprehensive protection for iOS and Android devices against mobile network, device and application cyberattacks -- and zIAP -- in-App Protection SDK that ensures mobile applications remain safe from cyberattacks. Since then, we have continued to work with our customers to enhance the product's capabilities. The latest version of Zimperium Mobile Threat Protection includes new features to better protect enterprises from known and unknown cyberattacks on mobile devices, networks and applications.

New features include advancements to the threat mitigation framework, iOS Profile Monitoring and Policy Enforcement, OS Risk for Android, Dashboard Activity Widget, Citrix 10.4 Integration, and advanced Dashboard Workflows.

In addition, we have launched a new product, z3A, which provides Advanced App Analysis. z3A evaluates mobile app security and privacy risk on employees' devices to identify which apps are high risk, and triggers security policies to reduce the risk certain applications introduce to the enterprise.

Info Security PG: How do your customers benefit from your company's solutions? What advice would you give to CSOs?

Shridhar Mittal: Zimperium provides an easy to deploy method to detect known and unknown attacks on companies’ mobile devices. The risk of targeted mobile cyberattacks significantly increases as more business is conducted on mobile devices outside of the office. An attack on a single device can result in a security breach, compromising a company’s data, assets and brand. Mobile device security is not an option. It is required.

CSOs need to focus on closing the mobile cybersecurity gap, as mobile devices add new, much more complex challenges to the enterprise, bypassing many of the current security controls in place. Securing the perimeter is no longer a viable practice since the perimeter extends via mobile endpoints.

Security officers also need to be aware of the risks of mobile applications, including apps on employees’ devices and the apps developed for customers. Seldom do the mobile app development teams collaborate with security teams to implement security best practices to ensure you are not imposing risk to your customers’ mobile devices. Overall, the advice I would give to CSOs is to not underestimate the potential mobile security risks posed to your company and invest in proper detection methods to protect and prevent attacks from happening.

Company: Zimperium
101 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94105 USA

Founded in: 2010
CEO: Shridhar Mittal
Public or Private: Private
Head Office in Country: San Francisco, United States
Products and Services: Zimperium’s Mobile Threat Protection delivers continuous and real-time threat protection to both devices and applications. Based on its disruptive, on-device detection engine that uses patented, machine-learning technology, it protects against the broadest array of mobile attacks. The products include: zIPS: The world’s first mobile intrusion prevention system app that protects mobile devices against network, device, and application mobile cyberattacks. z3A: Advanced App Analysis, provides mobile app risk intelligence, including privacy and security ratings with deep context, for each risky app identified. zIAP: An In-App Protection SDK that generates self-protecting applications. It embeds the zIPS z9 detection engine into the application and provides immediate risk mitigation actions for compromised devices. zConsole: A mobile threat management console to assess your mobile risk and monitor security incidents on zIPS-protected devices and applications with unprecedented mobile forensic detail Zimperium’s enterprise mobile security technology delivers advanced threat protection that seamlessly integrates with existing security infrastructure. Built on scalable, multi-tenant architecture, Zimperium can handle tens or even hundreds of thousands of devices for any single enterprise. It flexes to accommodate any number of customers. For data-at-rest and in-transit, AES 256-bit encryption is strictly enforced. Security teams see only the detailed information specific to their enterprise, although they benefit from the knowledge of other threats that Zimperium has discovered at other customer companies.
Company’s Goals: Detect and prevent all mobile threats to ensure critical company and personal data is protected. Work with the entire mobile ecosystem - mobile operators, device makers, OS Manufacturers, MDM vendors, businesses and end-users - to improve the state of mobile threat detection. Research mobile operating systems to responsibly disclose vulnerabilities to mobile OS developers
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